Agility Slalom

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If you are a complete beginner or seasoned Agility handler, this Rosewood Agility Slalom Course is an ideal introduction and at home training practice for the Agility Weave obstacle.

Teaching your dog to weave in Agility at high speed is one of the most difficult, but most rewarding Agility exercises you can teach your dog.

Finally with this lightweight kit, in its own carry bag, you have the ability to practice the weave at home in your own garden.

Easily assembled, the kit also comes with a very useful training tips booklet which will give you the best possible start to your weaving training and hours of fun for your dog.

Whether for your own family鈥檚 fun and enjoyment in the garden or as part of a team our agility kits are ideal.

The kits are lightweight (for safety) and quickly and easily assembled.

Contains 5 Weaving poles so that you can create your own dogs Slalom course!!

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