Rosewood: Your Preferred Pet Brand from Envon

Rosewood have been in the business of keeping dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, fish – in fact all sorts of pets – happy for over half a century. Throughout that time they have been keeping their owners happy, too – along with people who supply their owners with the finest quality desirable and affordable pet accessories and treats. Rosewood Pet Products Limited was founded in 1960 and is based in Broseley, United Kingdom.
Rosewood provides goodies, treats, essentials and accessories to make your canine, feline, avian and small furry customers (and their people) happy – from the very big, to the very big at heart! Pet products are a big market with plenty of demand for new and innovative products. Whether it’s a new kind of dog food or a cat scratching product, pet owners are always looking for something to improve their pets’ lives. Pet owners know that nothing is more important to their pet’s happiness than what these accessories, gadgets and treats offer. Rosewood knows this too and has kept pets, owners and suppliers happy since their inception in the 1960s.
Why Choose Rosewood for Your Pet Needs?
You can rely on Envon for all your Rosewood pet product needs. You can depend on our experts for friendly advice about merchandising the right way. We have lots of experience in sourcing the best wholesale pet supplies of Rosewood pet products to bring you an enormous range at prices that are genuinely fast sellers. Rosewood is a leader in the pet industry, stocking a massive range of pet products, focusing on pet accessories and treats. Rosewood has a broad choice of high-quality pet supplies available, including treats, toys, and beds. We at Envon, are enthusiastic about pets and their well-being. That is why we collaborate closely with leading manufacturers to ensure they produce the absolute best products available. We pride ourselves on being animal lovers who care deeply about the welfare of our furry friends. Our mission is to create and supply products that make life happier for pets and their owners alike. We love to hear tales of how our products have made life easier, healthier and more fun for our customers.
Purchasing B2B online with Envon for Rosewood products today to find everything you need for your business, including:
Toys: We have a range of Biosafe toys that are healthier and environmentally friendly, with modern BioCote Technology that helps prevent microbial growth, ensuring that your toys last much longer. It also makes sure the toys smell nicely and stay safer for your pet and family. Tags & Leashes: You can rely on Rosewood to give you a wide choice of top-quality dog leashes and collars and cat leashes, cat toys and scratching posts, as well as many more products that will make your pet happy. We have designer collars for dogs, and our most popular range is the Wag n’ Walk. Our luxury leather range has very affordable leashes with a soft protection salon that helps keep the fur safe. Housing & safety: Keep them safe while they sleep, play and roam around with leads, harnesses, cages and more. We have Rosewood Reflective, which keeps your pets safe during those nighttime strolls. Grooming accessories: Brushes, shampoos and more for cats, dogs & birds Treat & snacks: Keep hunger at bay with delicious treat ranges from Daily Eats to Posh Eats Beds for Snoozing: Rosewood’s 40 Winks beds that are plush and comfy for your customers’ furry friends to snuggle up to.
Choose Rosewood for Pet Supplies
The Envon team is dedicated to providing the best customer service for all Rosewood pet products. Our vision is to be the most innovative, progressive, and customer-focused pet product company for pets and pet owners alike! So reach out to us today at +61 2 9160 0088, or you can drop us a mail at info@envon.com.au.